Yakult Product Range

Our products

We make fermented milk products that make it enjoyable and easy to consume our carefully selected probiotics every day – L. casei Shirota ( in Japan and the rest of the world) and B. breve Yakult (only in Japan). 

Our products in Europe

In 1991 Yakult decided to go to Europe and specifically to the Netherlands. The choice for the Netherlands was well considered. The most important selection criterion for the European production location in Almere was (and still is) the high drinking water quality.

Range of probiotic products in Japan

Yakult makes a wide range of products, like fermented milk drinks and yoghurts, that allow people to easily consume L. casei Shirota as part of their daily lives. The range of probiotic products in Japan also include fermented milk drinks and yoghurts with B. breve Yakult.


Understanding the system of health claims in Japan

The Japanese government recognizes that certain foods contribute to a healthy lifestyle and can help to maintain good health and even reduce the risk of disease. In 1991, to avoid misuse and to ensure correct information to the consumer, the Japanese ministry of health and welfare set up the Food With Health Claims regulation.