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At Yakult, there’s a huge diversity of people growing professionally and personally in a role they enjoy. Each of them has a unique story to tell. To begin your own story with Yakult, view our live jobs here.

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Yakult People

Mesude - Yakult Factory

Lead Operator Fill & Pack

“Yakult gives me a lot of space for personal development which has allowed me to really make a difference to production quality.”

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Yakult People Emily

Emily – Yakult UK & Ireland

Science Manager

“What I love most about gut health science is that it reminds us that nutrition is not a silver-bullet and we need to take a 360-approach to our health.”

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Yakult is proud to employ over 111,000 people all over the world

Yakult People Baris

Baris – Factory Almere

Operator Fill & Pack

“The nice thing about my job is the atmosphere on the work floor with my colleagues.”

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Yakult People Florian

Florian – Yakult HQ Almere

Manager Product Strategy & Instore Activation

“Choosing to start somewhere is one thing, choosing to stay at Yakult for as long as I have is because of the great people, a great brand and the international setting.”

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Whatever your role at Yakult, you’ll do big things for the little bottle.