Why work at Yakult

Why work at Yakult

Let's make a difference together

When you work at Yakult, you’ll be part of a multi-cultural, dynamic and close-knit team. At Yakult we really believe in the power of small which stems from our collective passion for bacteria and harnessing their incredible powers. We’re always looking for caring, persevering and impact-driven individuals to join us and make a difference.

Join our close knit group and achieve big things for the little bottle.

Feel right at home

From day one you’ll be part of a warm community of diverse minds whether you’re in production, science, sales or marketing. We all work together to create health and happiness and enjoy these great aspects of our workplace in the process.

Yakult Employee

Contribute to health and happiness

Feel good about the day ahead with a role that’s fulfilling and gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact and contribute to creating health and happiness.

Why Work at Yakult culture

Become part of an open culture

Our culture is open, collaborative and respectful. You have the freedom to share ideas, opinions, take the lead and build lasting relationships with a group of colleagues from lots of different backgrounds.

Why Work at Yakult

Make a difference

Everyone at Yakult is encouraged to grow, develop and make an impact – to improve every day and create a better tomorrow. You have the freedom and encouragement to take initiative and add your own individual value to our journey of change and growth. What you do really matters.

Our Yakult values


There’s always more to enjoy when you work at Yakult.

Our mission is the health and happiness of everyone which naturally applies to our team – ensuring they feel supported, valued and fulfilled in their work. You’ll enjoy great resources, an open culture, free Yakult and so much more to positively affect your working life.

Personal growth

New skills, insights and knowledge help all of us to broaden our horizons and expertise. At Yakult you’ll be able to access all kinds of training, career development and support as part of your professional journey, from mini MBA training to achieving a forklift diploma.

Yes, free Yakult at work

Just in case you were wondering, everyone at Yakult has access to free servings of the little bottle at work to enjoy every day. All part of keeping you happy and healthy at work.

Keeping life in balance

Being committed to work is great, but we all must also be committed to ourselves. It’s why we value working together at the office to inspire each other, but also offer flexible working for your work life balance.

Company gatherings

There’s a genuine sense of collaboration and friendship between every department, something we actively promote. It’s why we have regular get-togethers to ensure social opportunities and encourage people to join our active social clubs from badminton to football – leading to a happier, healthier you.