Global brand, Japanese roots

Decades of discoveries and advancing health

Founded in Japan in 1955, Yakult is available in 13 countries across Europe today with more than 40 million Yakult products sold around the world every day.

Our business continues to grow and there are offices in six European countries, factories in 39 countries and world-leading research centres which continue to reshape our understanding of microbiology. It’s all part of our continuing mission to contribute to the health and happiness of people all over the world.

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At Yakult, we’re working for the health and happiness of the world

CSR that makes a tangible difference

In all aspects of our company, we’re focusing on the health and happiness of all. This naturally extends to care for the environment and investing in the communities we work in. It’s all part of our continued Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

Yakult Ladies

One of the most beautiful examples of our mission in daily life are the Yakult Ladies. 80,000 of them still deliver Yakult door-to-door.
Yakult Ladies 1994

Science lies at our heart

Our founder Dr.Shirota really was a true pioneer in the field of microbiology. In 1955 he founded the Yakult Central Institute – and today it’s still at the forefront of our company conducting leading-edge scientific studies.

“There is a whole world behind the little bottles that never gets boring.”

Yakult in numbers